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Hallelujah Kimono

【White/ Shibori】Japanese Vintage Kimono Haori, Japanese Hanten Jacket, Robe Dress, Japanese Floral pattern, Unisex

【White/ Shibori】Japanese Vintage Kimono Haori, Japanese Hanten Jacket, Robe Dress, Japanese Floral pattern, Unisex

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This haori has a beautiful white background and is made of all-over shibori.
It is in good condition and is a refreshing piece at a good price.

Silk 100%

Width: 57 cm / 22.4 inch
Shoulder width: 61.5 cm / 24.2 inch
Length: 73.5 cm / 28.9 inch

◎Model's height: 158 cm /62.2 inch

【Product Feature】

< Design >

Shibori is one of the most popular types of kimono. It requires a tedious and tedious process in which craftsmen bind each piece of fabric by hand. It is a dyeing technique in which a pattern is drawn from the part that is squeezed where the color is not dyed.
This is a beautiful piece in good condition with a very clean white background.


※The Youtube video we are showing you is provided as a reference on how to make the aperture.
The workshop, location, and technique may not be identical to this kimono. Please understand.

< Fabric >
This is a high quality 100% silk fabric. Dyeing with the shibori technique creates unevenness and a unique three-dimensional atmosphere. It is soft to the touch and breathable.

< Pattern >
It is a very simple and unusual pattern. It is white with intricate blue lines. It is a mysterious pattern that looks like waves, plants, or modern, depending on the viewer. The colors are refreshing and perfect for the warm season.

【Item Condition】
Condition : Excellent

 It is in good condition, but there might be small stains and soiling, as
well as degradation of the kimono itself over time.

There was a little big stain on the lining, which is photographed. Please be sure to check the photos.We would appreciate your understanding.

【How to care】
We recommend that you take care of it at a specialized dry-cleaning store.


◎Accessories not included. Strings, Obi belt, etc. are sold separately.
◎We have inspected the items before selling them, but there may be a few things we have overlooked. Please
◎The color may look different depending on the picture. The impression may be different from the actual item.
◎If you have any other questions, please be sure to ask before purchasing. If you need additional photos or other
information, we will be happy to assist you.

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