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Hallelujah Kimono

【Light blue/ Sensu】Japanese Vintage Kimono Haori, Japanese Hanten Jacket, Robe Dress, Japanese Floral pattern, Unisex

【Light blue/ Sensu】Japanese Vintage Kimono Haori, Japanese Hanten Jacket, Robe Dress, Japanese Floral pattern, Unisex

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Pale blue. This haori gives a cool impression. The best feature is the light blue and reddish purple color scheme. It is a color scheme that is inherently full of Asian taste.

Unknown. (Maybe synthetic fiber)

The texture is smooth, shiny, and elegant.

It feels a bit like silk that is slightly cool to the touch.

Width: 59.5 cm / 23.4 inch
Shoulder width: 61 cm / 24.0 inch
Length: 79 cm / 31.1 inch

◎Model's height: 158 cm /62.2 inch

【Product Feature】

< Design >

The cool light blue base is decorated with many Japanese-style fans. This is one piece that can become a fashion star by itself. It is easy to match with both western clothes and kimono and gives a gorgeous impression.

< Fabric >
The material is synthetic fiber as far as the touch is concerned. The lining is also clean, but there are some small stains in places.

< Pattern >
Since a folding fan forms a shape that spreads out to the end when unfolded, it has the connotation of "gradually spreading out and prospering. For this reason, fans have long been considered lucky charms in Japan. In fact, it is also an auspicious gift.

【Item Condition】
Condition : Excellent

 It is in good condition, but there might be small stains and soiling, as
well as degradation of the kimono itself over time.

There was a little big stain on the lining, which is photographed. Please be sure to check the photos.We would appreciate your understanding.

【How to care】

I were unable to clearly identify this material.
I think this is a synthetic fiber material, we recommend that you have it professionally cleaned rather than hand-washing it yourself.



◎Accessories not included. Strings, Obi belt, etc. are sold separately.
◎We have inspected the items before selling them, but there may be a few things we have overlooked. Please
◎The color may look different depending on the picture. The impression may be different from the actual item.
◎If you have any other questions, please be sure to ask before purchasing. If you need additional photos or other
information, we will be happy to assist you.

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