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Hallelujah Kimono

【Happi】<New>★Exotic Japan Komainu★Back length: 67.5 cm /Shoulder width: 68.2ⅽm

【Happi】<New>★Exotic Japan Komainu★Back length: 67.5 cm /Shoulder width: 68.2ⅽm

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This is a very impactful "komainu" (guardian dogs) pattern.

Do you know Komainu?

They are symbols that protect shrines and Shinto shrines in Japan and are said to be imaginary animals that come in sets of two.

【Product Description】

The two guardian dogs and the serpent, with their flamboyant colors and heroic appearance, are a fashionable piece that will attract attention both as interior decoration and when worn.

It is washable at home and wrinkle resistant.
It can be worn by both men and women.

Material: synthetic fiber

【Product Condition】

Condition: New



【Size】Dimensions (flat on the floor)


Back length: 67.5 cm

Shoulder width: 68.2 cm

Sleeve length: 25.5 cm

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