About Hallelujah Kimono

About us

Hallelujah Kimono is a Netherlands-based kimono company run by highly experienced Japanese staff with years of experience. 

The opening of our shop is inspired by the firsthand experience of visiting kimono artisans in Japan and seeing their incredible craftsmanship. Over the years, those encounters have made us believe that kimono is the Japanese pride, culture itself and one of the highest forms of art.

In Japan, kimonos are generally expensive and perceived as a luxury. Some are priced around a few thousand euros, while others are tens of thousands of euros. Simply looking at the price tag, though, takes our attention away from the fact that it takes a significant amount of time for many specialised artisans to tailor a single piece of kimono.

This very nature of kimono - crystalised craftsmanship and beauty - makes it possible for people to hand them down from one generation to another. In fact, families can pass their kimonos down to multiple generations thanks to the beauty and the durability unswayed by trends or fashion. 

At Hallelujah Kimono, we are committed to delivering the high quality kimonos made by skilled artisans to as many people as possible. It is “mottainai”, after all, to keep the authentic culture of kimono just to ourselves in Japan.

Who are the “kimono experts”?

The Kimono industry consists of various fields of experts such as artisans, sales professionals, dressers, stylists, and maintenance specialists. We consider ourselves part of this tribe, striving to provide the best kimono experience possible. 

We believe in our mission to share the breathtaking beauty, craftsmanship and joys that kimonos bring to our lives.

Our commitment

As kimono experts from Japan, we are committed that:

We don’t simply sell kimonos. We share the expertise, culture, and fun kimonos bring to your life.

We strike a balance between respecting Japanese traditions and modern ways of enjoying kimonos

We provide a high-quality service in finding, purchasing, maintaining, and styling kimono

We offer kimonos to our customers while paying the utmost respect to the artisan’s craftsmanship

As kimono enthusiasts ourselves, we cherish every interaction with our customers to provide the best kimono service


Thanks for finding us Hallelujah Kimono out of all the kimono companies out there. We are looking forward to sharing the joy of kimonos soon!