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Hallelujah Kimono

【Japanese Interior】Obi-Art/Karako(Asian Children),Wall Art,Asian interior,Japanese kimono,Japanese Clothing,Japanese Gifts

【Japanese Interior】Obi-Art/Karako(Asian Children),Wall Art,Asian interior,Japanese kimono,Japanese Clothing,Japanese Gifts

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A new form of kimono fabric interior proposed by hallelujah kimono.

This is a remake of a prestigious obi belt.
Each one is made from a handmade pouch belt by a craftsman.

We selected obis imported from Japan and came up with ideas for which part of the pattern to use.
Handmade by a Japanese creator living in the Netherlands, it can be used as an interior accent for your room.

The pattern of children playing cheerfully.
It is called "Karako" and is said to have originally originated from the children of the Tang Dynasty in China.
The pattern of children is said to represent the prosperity of offspring, family happiness, and a bright future.

Of course, it is also suitable as a gift. Also recommended for children's birthday celebrations.

It is a perfect gift and will bring long-lasting happiness when displayed in a room.

Materials : Silk

Product Condition : Good.

The condition is good, but there are some minor stains and spots due to age.

The condition is good due to normal use. There are stains and dirt. There is discoloration due to age. Please be careful when purchasing if you are concerned about this.
The obi was used as a belt, so there are creases. Please understand that this is one of the charms of this Obi art.

The position of the visible pattern differs from piece to piece.


Obi art : 37 cm × 28 cm


This product has been processed at the end of a cut strip.

Since there is no lining and multiple threads are visible, please use it for the purpose of enjoying the outer fabric only.

Therefore, there is a variation in size.



※Price includes Obi art and frame.
The frame is a general 40x30 type black frame.

※You can also purchase Obi art only. You can use your favorite frame and enjoy your original interior design.
In this case, the price will be discounted and the shipping cost will also be reduced. Please be sure to contact us before clicking the buy button.

※Gift wrapping is also available.
Please mention it in the remarks column at the time of purchase.

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