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Hallelujah Kimono

【Gamaguchi-en】Handbag/botanical flower,black,Clutch,Pouch,Japanese bag,Shoulder bag,Japanese Gifts

【Gamaguchi-en】Handbag/botanical flower,black,Clutch,Pouch,Japanese bag,Shoulder bag,Japanese Gifts

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This is an original bag by "Gamaguchi-en“, a very popular bag brand in Japan.
They are particular about fabrics and careful sewing and also offer many cycle-up products using kimono fabrics.


The botanical flower pattern has long been a favorite of many in this brand. It is a classic pattern, yet it is innovative and looks both Western and Japanese.
Space on both sides of the outside is convenient for thin items such as cards and tickets.
The gusset is firm, so it has a large capacity anyway.
It looks small and stylish, so it is recommended for parties or when you don't want to look like you have a lot of luggage.


The inside fabric is different from the outside fabric, so the difference stands out when the bag is opened. It also has an inside pocket and is very detailed.

Careful sewing is durable and long-lasting. It is a Japanese quality that can be cherished and used for a long time.

The name "Gamaguchi" refers to the shape of the clasp, which resembles the shape of a toad's mouth.
It is said to have originally come to Japan from Europe.

Made in Japan
This product is Imported from Japan


Materials :

Bag fabrics : Cotton/Clasp : Brass/Strap : synthetic leather

Product Condition : New

This item is handmade and brand new.
However, the fabric used is originally vintage kimono fabric and may have stains and scuffs from age.
Please do not purchase if you are concerned about this.

Size :

lengthwise 21㎝/crosswise 28㎝/ gusset 8㎝ 

handle 13cm



※This bag is not washable due to the adhesive used. Please be careful not to get wet.

※Be careful not to overfill as this may result in damage.


※Gift wrapping is also available.
Please mention it in the remarks column at the time of purchase.


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