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Hallelujah Kimono

【Kakejiku】<Good・Silk>★Dark orange, auspicious pattern★Length 110cm/Width 40cm

【Kakejiku】<Good・Silk>★Dark orange, auspicious pattern★Length 110cm/Width 40cm

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This is a hanging scroll and tapestry with a festive pattern that cycles through Fukuro-obi as an interior decoration.

Fukuro obi are of high rank, worn mainly on formal occasions.
It is of excellent quality and can be called a "treasure house of techniques" filled with the skills of Japanese craftsmen.

This obi is made by carefully weaving threads dyed in bright orange, and gold and silver threads are woven together over a long period of time.

Handmade by a Japanese creator living in the Netherlands as an interior accent for your room.

The pattern is a very happy, auspicious pattern and suitable for every celebration. The motifs of imaginary plants and flowers represent longevity and everlasting happiness.

The festive pattern, which seems to have been influenced by ancient China, will bring happiness to your home.

Of course, they also make great gifts.


Material: Silk and bamboo

【Item Condition】

The condition is good: Good.

The condition is good, but there are some minor stains and spots due to age.

It is in good condition with normal use. There are some stains and dirt. There is discoloration due to age. Please be careful when purchasing if you are concerned.
The obi has folded creases from being used as a belt. Please understand that as the charm of this hanging scroll.

The visible position of the pattern varies from piece to piece.


Length: 110 cm/Including the length of the cord

Width: 40 cm/Maximum length of bamboo

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