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Hallelujah Kimono

【Purple,CherryBlossom】Hawaiian shirt/Size:4L<New・Silk>For Men,For Women,Japanese kimono,Japan unisexese Clothing,unisex,Japanese Gifts,Original Item

【Purple,CherryBlossom】Hawaiian shirt/Size:4L<New・Silk>For Men,For Women,Japanese kimono,Japan unisexese Clothing,unisex,Japanese Gifts,Original Item

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Silk shirts carefully remade one by one from the finest quality kimonos.

All made in Japan. Products of the Japanese remake brand "MOIRA".

The quality of the silk, the care with which it is sewn, and the design that makes it easy to wear for people of all ages and genders. And the beautiful patterns of the kimono are superbly arranged.

Only Hallelujah Kimono is available outside of Japan. It is a one-of-a-kind item that is not the same as any other in the world.We can confidently recommend this gem.


【Product Description】

 A calm shade of purple. However, it is glittery and can be described as lame because of the golden threads woven throughout.

The stunning cherry blossom pattern is beautiful. And some of the petals are embroidered, so they have a very three-dimensional and gorgeous look.

The fabric has a slightly rough texture. However, it is light and gentle against the skin.

We want you to feel the Japanese craftsmanship, so we insist on making our products in Japan and importing them from Japan.
They are durable, delicate, and long-lasting, and we believe you will find that they are worth more than their price.


【Material】 Silk

We recommend that you take care of it at a specialized dry-cleaning store.


【Item Condition】

The condition : New

Antique, vintage kimono remade. It will be delivered in a clean as new condition, but there may be small stains or dirt or age-related deterioration of the kimono itself. Please understand.




Please check the images for details.



◎We have inspected the items before selling them, but there may be a few things we have overlooked. Please understand.

◎The color may look different depending on the picture. The impression may be different from the actual item.

◎If you have any other questions, please be sure to ask before purchasing. If you need additional photos or other information, we will be happy to assist you.


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